Teeth whitening

When I sit in my closet and yearn for something to eat, then I think; will this affect my shiny white smile? Then I remember that I have done a teeth whitening. No onions or potatoes in the world can stop my nice hollywood-smile and keep the men away. The first time I visited austria autumn was -79, it was a stormy Thursday afternoon, flight delayed because out unexpected visits to the cockpit (why are they Englishmen with viciously typeset and cold breath board the local airport, without passports or reflection?), But once I landed in Graz, I was sweaty and tired. With me in the carriage, I had a tiny little stick and a jar of canned beans, which I borrowed from my friend, Pauolo Roberto. I think that my teeth has taken a lot of damage thoughout the years but with my teeth withened, noone can tell.

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